Software for FREE

Mail Sender for Free

Buying any of our lists at the order less than $500 you will automatically receive a nice bonus. It’s a mail Sender which will perfectly suit your listings. It will be good for your marketing campaigns. Essential program like an addition to your listings absolutely for free!

Bulk Mailer Professional for Free

Get Bulk Mailer Professional for FREE at the order more than $500 Making an order more than $500 you can become the owner of a professional Bulk Mailer totally for free!

Bulk Mailer Professional is a high qualitative product that is used for sending the emails and creating your own email list of the potential customers. You are not going to pay for it additional $99.95 as if you buy it separately. The program is easy to use, well designed. You will certainly like it.

The advantages of this software are the following:


  • It works really fast (There can be sent 20.000 emails per hour).
  • Powerful Contact List Management
  • External databases
  • Custom-in forms
  • Tracking information
  • etc.


Email Marketing Bundle for Free

Get the set of professional software that includes 3 programs absolutely for FREE at the order more than $1000

If you purchase our products at more than $1000 we offer you a professional set that includes everything you need for email marketing. These are 3 software programs: Bulk Mailer Professional, Email Verifier Professional and Email Autoresponder. The price for this product is $164.95. But ordering our listings you receive this bundle of programs for free.

Bulk Mailer Professional is a professional Send Mail Program. You will be able to compose your own list of customers. Make your business fast. The software can send 20.000 emails per hour. You can create personalized messages like HTML newsletters, e-magazines, reports,etc.

Email Verifier Professional is a tool that helps you to verify your contacts and keep your lists clean. It cleans your Microsoft Outlook Contacts, external databases, Windows Address Book and other mailing lists. The software accurately checks all the email addresses and removes all “bad” email addresses.

The key features of the program are:


  • Processes information fast (can validate about 50.000 emails per hour)
  • Perfectly coincides with Bulk Mailer Import email addresses from various sources such CSV, Excel, Windows Address Book, Microsoft Outlook, etc.
  • A detailed log for every operation.
  • You can export email addresses to a text file, Excel or external sources Email Autoresponderis an application that will be a good add-in for your business or personal needs.
  • It’s easy desktop email marketing software that will deliver your auto responders from the simplest to personalized HTML letters.


Email Autoresponder is very comprehensive and well-designed program.

The benefits of the software are the following:


  • Powerful Contact List Management
  • Looping Protection
  • Can process bounced emails
  • Perfect HTML editor: Images, Flash, Attachments
  • Easy import and export of email lists from/to various files

Our Marketing Bundle will definitely make your business run faster. Increase your income! Be a professional in Email Marketing. Get the Software Bundle absolutely for free in addition to our lists.