How electronic mailing lists work.

Electronic mailing lists are usually automated (Fully or Partially) by the usage of special mailing list software. There the reflector address also is used. All incoming messages sent to such a reflector address are processed by the software, and, in relation to their content, are acted upon from the inside or are distributed to all email addresses included into the mailing list.

Many servers of mailing lists have a special email address where subscribers or potential subscribers can send commands to the server to perform subscribing, unsubscribing, changing available preferences or temporarily halting the sending them messages. Such emails are send containing only the command and the name of the electronic mailing list the command belongs to. Some of list servers let people change preferences, subscribe or unsubscribe through a website. Some mailing lists let individual subscribers decide how they prefer to receive messages from the list server: in individual or digest form (when all mailing lists received on the same day are gathered into one mail list sent ones a day).

There two types of electronic mail lists:

Announcement list

As a rule the announcement list is delivery of information in one dirrection to selected people. The term of "newsletter" can fully reflect the sense of the announcement list. Newsletters, along with promotional emailing lists are used as parts of direct marketing campaigns almost in every sphere.

Discussion list

Discussion list is another type of electronic mailing list. Any subscriber can post in it. A subscriber uses this discussion list to send his/her messages to the other subscribers who may answer to this message. Thereby, information exchanges and actual discussion can take place. This type mailing lists are more often topic-oriented , i.e. has its theme, that in its turn can be any you want it to be.