Email Marketing, Advantages and Disadvantages

Email marketing can be defined as a form of direct marketing that is focused on the delivery of information about services or products of one or another company. More generally, every email sent to a customer, potential or existing one, could be regarded email marketing.

However, the term is usually used to identify:

- sending email messages with the purpose of create the relationship of a marketer with his existing or previous customers, to motivate customer loyalty and thereby to continue already existing business relationships
- sending email messages with the purpose of getting new customers or assuring existing customers to purchase service or product immediately
-adding some advertisement to email messages sent by other companies to their customers
-sending email messages over the Internet

As it is known, email marketing has its advantages and disadvantages.


Its advantages lie in the fact that it is popular in many companies.

-Email marketing in comparison with other means of traditional advertisement such as billboard and broadsheet set up or tracts and products samples spreading proved its cost effectiveness.
-The company shouldn't expend money on advertisement. All it needs is Internet and email lists of potential or existing customers.
- Email marketing is fast in it nature. You spend minimum time for email marketing campaign reaching fast results.
-Advertisers can reach a substantial number of customers who already gave their consent to receive such emails and are interested in the services or products that are advertised.
-Using Internet more than a half of its users check their mail box every day. Thereby, the company may acquire more and more customers every day, week or even month.
-Opt-in marketing is undoubtedly effective. That means you already have persons' permission to receive emails from you. Knowing your company, its services and products they are interested in new information from you. These existing relationships are not to be reestablished!

The disadvantages of email marketing are:
- Many of advertisement emails are filtered by spam filter that nowadays is not a rare
- Many of advertisement emails are deleted by receiver even being unread. This fact reduces the opportunity to gain new customers.

As you can see there are much more advantages than disadvantages of email marketing. Be modern and use email marketing having email lists of your potential customers. Our company can suggest you great deal of lists choice. We are glad to help you in achieving business success!