Advertise! Do not spam!

A lot of business owners do not see the difference between advertising and spam that in their judgment are too alike. This fact matters because a marketing campaign can help to engage new customers' attention and continue business relationships with existing ones. Spam in it's turn alienates potential customers and finish up the relations with loyal ones. This can bring damages to your profit. So try to make your emails looking as advertisement, not spam.

Email campaign is very useful tool in the Internet marketing industry. This campaign may be made up of:
1. Periodic e-newsletters including information,
2. Advertisements,
3. Emails or emails offering discounts on products or services.

Loyal customers who prefer your email list will likely not consider these emails as spam and may purchase additional services and products from your business as a result of this marketing campaign. Furthermore potential customers who will get additional information about your services or products will find this type of marketing to be useful. But, email receivers who did not demand this information are to consider your emails as spam.

So, effective email marketing campaign should differ from spam fundamentally. It is difficult. Emails which are considered to be spam may never reach the intended receivers. Spam filters may delete emails looking like spam. That's why be sure that all marketing emails provide quality content, send your emails only to those receivers who are interested in your services or products. This will give you a great possibility to reach your potential customers and make them to purchase some of your products or at least visit your web site.