About Us

Equally with TV, radio and mass media Email is the convenient and perfect tool to promote products and services. Email marketing effectively helps to find potential customers and raise relationships with existing ones making them feel they are part of your company.

The essential part of the email marketing is email lists of various kinds. Email Lists #1 is your perfect choice to find and provide yourself with necessary Email lists. We understand what you need. We know what the most important thing for your business is. That’s why our clients do return to us time and again.

Email Lists #1 offers you a full many Email Lists and it means you will get your results faster than it was before. All our email lists are current for 2011 year as we update them in order to provide you with a product of high quality.  Our company is glad to provide you with more than 70 million records from a huge range of countries. The best databases from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada,  India, Singapore and many others.  Use them and let your targeted and potential customers know about your product or service via message. Our aim is to help your business and take it to the next stage of developing.

We work with you to ensure the data of the highest quality at affordable prices. The design is simple to use.  We are proud to be the leading business listing broker.  If you are looking for precise and up to date listings we suggest you to try our lists. We have everything you need and even think of.

Email Lists#1 can offer you email lists of the following types:

1.    Business List
2.    Business Email List
3.    Consumer List & Email List
4.    Specialty Email List
5.    Medical List
6.    Real Estate Agents List

Business Lists -provide you with the information about  physical addresses of the customers. There you'll find a list of the major world companies with the detailed information inside.

Business Email List - will make you a good deal when you decide to improve your business income. You can make your business with the businessmen from the USA, UK, Canada, China and Dubai.

Consumer List & Email list - a perfect product for those who want to get both things at one time. A valuable list of your potential customers from US ans Canada. The program will help you to gain a certain effectiveness while making your business.

Specialty Email List - this list allows you to see the special groups of people,manufacturers, IT professionals, and other specialists who can be the future clients of your Company.

Medical List - If your business deals with the pharmaceutical or other medical industries be sure you will find your customers in this listings. Millions of people with different medical professions are waiting for your proposals.

Real Estate Agents List - One of the most detailed database of US, UK and Canadian realtors.  Don't waste your time, you already found the best real estate agent list. You will be provided with the up to date information, big quantity of  good addresses and real chances to create new customers' database.